Boy For Sale – The Appraisal – Jesse Stone, Lance Charger, Jack Dixon, Legrand Wolf

When I saw that The Boy Jesse was on my review schedule for today, I couldn’t help but smile a little. I remember that pale, innocent face looking at me the first time he walked into the auction and now here he is again. It belonged to Master Legrand, so I felt confident that Jesse had received plenty of personal attention and proper slave training.

Master Dixon was showing interest in buying Boy Jesse. Boys like him are something of a niche market with alabaster white skin and a mix of blonde on top and red underneath (when the GM allows them to grow, of course). For the right buyer, a boy like him can start at a very high price; that Master Legrand has mastered it makes it even more valuable to the right buyer.

I started by introducing Jesse wearing only the regular black jockstrap. No fancy harnesses or underwear to get in the way of a fair assessment. I take my tape measure to start writing down his numbers and I can already tell he’s been well trained. Every touch of mine—his nipples, his muscles, his treasure trail—all triggered a small moan. These are not the sounds of pain or fear, but the sighs of a good slave who is as interested in his Master as his Master is in him!

With the preliminaries out of the way, I begin the in-depth investigation of its value. Sensitive nozzle, check. Limited gag reflex, check. Dick that hardens in the presence of a Master, double check. Jesse is showing signs of improvement, which means dollar signs on the block!

Leading Jesse to his knees, I use my fingers to gently rub around his hole entrance. The passionate moans get even louder. He’s a sensitive! I insert my thumb just enough to read how sensitive his sphincter is. He lets out a groan; definitely a good sign! I look a little deeper. A sensitive prostate can trigger the bids. This kid has one and he’s a doozy! I reach around to feel his boy cock and it’s as hard as a rock. Whoever the next master is, he’s a lucky man!

I give Master Legrand a knowing look. He and Master Dixon are taking pictures and I know what they need me to demonstrate next. I take off my clothes and grab a container of oil. Jesse immediately reaches for her ass cheeks and spreads them. It’s not just that he’s experienced, he’s also eager. I squirt oil along his crack and straight into his hole, saving some for me to rub on my DILF cock. I can’t always have sex with boys during an evaluation, but given the level of bidding this boy is going to generate, we have to explore all avenues!

And I’m taking a deep dive into this particular alley! His hole opens up to let me in, and I’m the happiest man in the room! I fuck him deep and hard. It may seem like I’m just enjoying this, but there’s a methodology I’m passing on here to show the reach this slave boy has when it comes to pleasing his Master. I can tell by the looks of the other men, they are also impressed with what Jesse has to offer!

I can feel reason and duty starting to step aside and my primal desire to come seeping through. I must not forget my place; only a Master can enter these boys. When I can’t contain myself any longer, I let out a guttural growl, pull myself out of his hot hole and push myself to a creamy, luscious climax all over Jesse’s belly. Even with my head racing with cum, I notice the cum is barely noticeable against his smooth white skin.

The evaluation process is done. I have to do a write-up on my findings and place an initial bid. But first, I need a shower.

Date: July 17, 2022