BringMeABoy – Stroke Break – Dave London, Evan Novak

What do you do when you catch your stepson masturbating instead of doing his chores? When Evan got home, he lied about where he was, which wasn’t going to sit well with me, especially since I caught him outside doing it. I noticed that his dick was still hard, so I decided to play with it. He pulled his shorts down, and I sucked flesh from him. His crotch smelled so amazing. I loved being down there. Then it was time for him to make Daddy’s dick hard and beautiful, which he had no problem doing. I’ve been training my boy to get my dick, and after eating his yummy hole, that’s what Evan did. He did it so well that I fucked his ass on the couch until he came on his stomach, and I sprayed my seed and told him to finish his chores.

Date: July 14, 2022