BringMeABoy – Take Every Drop – Alex Tyler & Nick Sawyer

After our stepbrother Ethan gave Alex and me a massage and release, I was still horny and wanted to fuck my younger stepbrother’s hole. He’s always ready to play, and I’m always willing to give him a little cock. So when Ethan dropped us off at his place, we continued playing on his couch. Kissing and undressing turned into Alex’s big cock in my mouth. I don’t usually put him in my mouth like that, but he was calling my name. But he was more interested in getting to my cock. I fed Alex with my cock and then turned him around to get his ass ready to fuck. He loves it when I put my face there before I shove my cock into him. I plow his ass until I couldn’t hold back and shot at my load. I then went back to punching Alex more until I’d caressed a good load of him.

Date: July 15, 2022