ChaosMen – Dean Dallas & Jayden Woods RAW

We find Dean Dallas and Jayden Woods kissing beside the bed before Dean lifts Jayden up, presses him against the wall, and shows Jayden who’s boss. Soon, Jayden is kneeling before Dean, taking Dean’s hard, uncut cock in his mouth as Dean strips off his clothes.

Dean likes Jayden’s mouth as Dean leans against the wall. Jayden gets up, takes off his clothes and submits as Dean pushes him onto the bed. The two rub against each other before Dean makes his way to Jayden’s cock, taking it into his mouth as Jayden groans.

Dean straddles Jayden’s chest, making his way to Jayden’s mouth once more. Dean slams his flirty cock against Jayden’s chin before Jayden begins to suck, gripping it tightly with his hand as he slides Dean’s foreskin up and down his shaft.

Dean leans in for another kiss, then goes back to Jayden’s cock. Jayden sits up and grabs the back of Dean’s head, helping Dean get him to the balls.

Jayden gets on all fours while Dean helps himself to Jayden’s ass, tongue fucking Jayden’s hungry hole as Jayden watches. The two move to the edge of the bed and Dean applies some lube to his cock and Jayden’s hole. Dean presses his cock against Jayden’s ass and slides in as Jayden moans in pleasure.

It doesn’t take long before Dean is punishing Jayden’s hole, slamming his cock into Jayden’s ass while his heavy balls make a satisfying slapping sound against Jayden’s cheeks. Dean places his hands on Jayden’s hips for leverage, pulling Jayden deeper into his cock.

Jayden climbs onto the bed and turns onto his back as Dean dives back in. Jayden strokes his cock feverishly as he watches Dean fuck him. Dean pulls it out, stroking himself as he shoots a stunning load across Jayden’s stomach. He leans in for a kiss as the camera pans away.

Date: July 16, 2022