ChaosMen – Edge – Buck Richards & Troy Hardt

We found Buck Richards sitting in his chair, eager to get the party started. Troy Hardt enters the room and proceeds to pin Buck to his chair before putting on a blindfold.

As Troy begins to explore Buck’s body, Buck can’t help but try to lean in to kiss and nibble on Troy’s chest. Troy bends down, groping Buck’s cock, which is quickly rising to attention inside his white boxers.

Troy makes his way over to Buck’s cock, licking and teasing it through Buck’s underwear before pulling the tip to tease it with his tongue. It doesn’t take long before Troy is completely peeling back Buck’s boxers.

Troy teases the head of Buck’s cock a little more before taking it fully into his mouth. Buck can’t help but shiver and shake as he reacts to all the attention his cock is getting. It’s very clear that Buck is loving every second of it.

As Troy starts to accelerate, Buck is rapidly approaching climax. He begs Troy not to stop, but Troy pulls away, leaving Buck shivering in his seat. Troy stands up and offers Buck something to take his mind off the pressure building inside his balls – Buck happily swallows Troy’s cock deeply as Troy leans forward to stimulate Buck’s cock some more.

Troy repeatedly pushes Buck to the brink until Buck is begging Troy to fuck him. Troy takes a moment to consider before denying Buck’s request, then goes back to work having Buck build up a huge load.

Unable to contain himself any longer, Buck announces that he is going to come. Little does he know, he’s been squirting cum for several seconds now, completely covering his stomach with cum.

Troy bends down and grabs some of Buck’s cum to use as a lube while he shakes his own cock. Troy works with a thick charge that he blows up in Buck’s mouth. Buck drinks it greedily, gulping down as much as he can.

Troy releases Buck from his restraints and leaves the room, leaving Buck looking completely exhausted.

Date: June 23, 2022