ChaosMen – Reese Rideout & Troy Hardt RAW

We find Reese Rideout and Troy Hardt kissing on the bed in their underwear. The two stop to pull them out while Reese strokes their cocks together.

Reese lies back against the headboard and Troy leans forward to swallow Reese’s hard cock. Both boys have huge dicks, and both are equally capable of taking a dick down their throats. Reese groans as Troy brings his cock to his balls.

The two switch places so Reese can help himself to Troy’s cock. Troy’s cock is fatter than Reese’s, so it takes Reese a little longer to acclimate his throat to fully accommodate Troy, but Reese is determined to make it happen.

Troy drops to his knees and Reese helps himself to a healthy portion of Troy’s ass, spitting and fucking his tongue into Troy’s hole as Troy moans in pleasure.

Satisfied that Troy’s ass is ready for his cock, we watch from underneath as Reese slides his cock deep into Troy’s hole. Reese reaches out and grabs Troy’s shoulders for leverage, diving deeper and faster into Troy’s ass as Troy groans.

Troy turns his back and Reese goes back to work slapping Troy’s ass. Troy works to climax, shooting strings of cum all over his furry stomach. As Troy comes and squeezes his hole tight around Reese’s cock, Reese pulls out and adds his load to the mix while Troy is still coming.

Reese dives back in so Troy’s ass can get every last drop, then the two kiss as the camera disappears.

Date: June 19, 2022