Cocky Boys – Mitch Matthews fucks Benjamin Blue

As is often the case, Mitch Matthews and Benjamin Blue simply clicked when they first met, but the deep connection they make during sex is unique. It’s in the way they take the slow, sensual route in their kissing and body play and how Mitch starts sucking on Benjamin using his strangely intuitive pleasure-giving talents.

After deeply swallowing Benjamin, Mitch turns his attention to Benjamin’s hole. As he eats him, Mitch takes it to a new level, virtually training and possessing Benjamin using his long tongue to deftly probe his hole, suck his cock and balls from behind and fuck him with his fingers. Finally, Mitch slowly enters Benjamin, opening him and then fucking him harder and harder.

Mitch hits Benjamin from behind and above and as they fuck, they constantly look each other in the eye and communicate vocally. In fact, when fucked on the side, Benjamin is mesmerized by the mesmerizing look of Mitch in his eyes. Mitch is totally focused on the pleasure of his ass and possessing him as a result and soon turns Benjamin on his back to fuck him with their gazes locked.

Benjamin loves how Mitch fucks him and he moans his name over and over before Mitch makes him shoot, and at the height of his orgasm Benjamin proclaims he’s the best ever. Seconds later, Mitch comes out and shoots his load at Benjamin’s cock and balls and once he milks every drop, he sucks it all up. As they kiss once more, it becomes clear that Benjamin will take a while to get over Mitch. If sometime.

Date: July 16, 2022