CockyBoys – Tristan Hunter fucks Greyson Myles

Greyson Myles and Tristan Hunter enjoy their first summer at CockyBoys in the best way possible – with hot sex outdoors! Reclining on the porch, horny Tristan sees Greyson flashing his bubble butt and “invites” him stroking his cock. Soon, they’re kissing and it’s not long before Greyson is sucking on Tristan and happily admiring his big cock.

Once Tristan makes the suggestion, Greyson sits on his cock and rides him and is sure to say they are a mutually pleasing groove. Just as Greyson wants, Tristan stretches his hole with deep thrusts and neither of them get enough, as Greyson rides him in almost every way possible.

At one point though, Greyson dismounts and leans over so Tristan can eat his hole. Tristan actually sticks his mouth and tongue in her hole and Greyson practically begs him to attack him again from behind. Greyson loves to be spanked and is even more excited to see his reflection in the glass balcony doors.

Tristan turns to Greyson on his back and as he goes full force fucking him, Greyson wants to be strangled. Finally, the deep piercing causes Greyson to hurl his charge at himself, and within seconds, Tristan comes out and lies down to shoot his own large charge. As they embrace, Greyson makes it clear how much he really loved it, asking Tristan, “Can you fuck me like this all summer?”

Date: July 10, 2022

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