ColbyKnox – Kylan Kain Meets Gabe Bradshaw

Gabe Bradshaw and Kylan Kain are wonderful additions to the ColbyKnox team. Our fans can’t get enough of them. Not Colby and Mickey! In this update the two hot babes are on a bed, kissing. Slow and sensual. Gabe kisses his way down to Kylan’s blue shorts. He pulls them down and Kylan’s cock is ready to play. Gabe has to open it wide to swallow all that meat. “It tastes good,” Kylan wonders. Gabe mutters the affirmative. It leaves the shaft slippery with spit. Both are naked; Gabe goes back to swallowing as much cock as he can. “Fuck yeah,” Kylan whispers. “Leave it nice and wet.” The drool falls out of Gabe’s mouth each time he comes up for air. “Holy shit,” he says. “It’s so fucking big.” “Yes, honey,” Kylan replies. “Swallows.” Gabe gets on all fours.

Her perky ass pointed in Kylan’s direction. He spreads those piles of booty, sucking the hole. “Eat that hole,” Gabe groans. “That’s nice.” Kylan’s saliva makes the hole glow. “How does that hole taste?” Gabe asks. “Fuck yeah,” Kylan replies. It’s time for Gabe to get full. “Are you ready for this?” asks Kylan. “I’m so tight, baby,” replies Gabe. Kylan advances and slides slowly. “Oh fuck,” Gabe groans. “This shit is big. Oh my God. You are stretching my hole.” Kylan knocks slowly and deeply. “Fuck yeah,” Kylan hisses. “Take that fucking dick.” Gabe’s facial expressions change from total shock to happiness. “You’re so tight,” notes Kylan. “Yea. You like that tight hole, baby,” Gabe responds with a smile.

“Am I treating you right?” Kylan grabs some of his son’s hair from below for leverage. Gabe stands to the side and the camera has a perfect view of his ass getting ripped apart. He’s here for everything Kylan offers. “This feels so good,” Gabe groans. “Fuck me.” Kylan’s balls are right next to Gabe’s buttocks. “Take my fucking dick,” Kylan orders. “Are you my fucking bitch?” asks Kylan in a downward swipe. Gabe nods yes. He turns his back. “Are you ready for more?” Kylan asks himself. “Put it inside me,” Gabe begs. “Please. I want every fucking inch.” When he gets every inch of Kylan’s, Gabe’s eyes roll back. As he bombs Gabe’s ass, Kylan also spits into his mouth.

“Take that fucking dick,” says Kylan. “Give me that fucking dick,” Gabe groans. Gabe’s prostate can’t take it anymore. Kylan fucks a copious load of his deep boy. Streams of cum hit Gabe’s neck, chest, and stomach. Kylan doesn’t leave right away. He feeds some of the man’s milk to Gabe. Kylan finally pulls out, masturbating in Gabe’s face. After popping a walnut in his handsome face, the scene ends with Gabe sucking on Kylan’s swollen head. Wow! I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as they did.

Date: July 15, 2022