CollegeBoyPhysicals – It’s A Heartbeat, It’s A Lovebeat – Nate Jones, Dr Ryder

Nate arrives at the clinic to get the results of his wrist sprain. While Dr Ryder enters the room while checking his file. The doctor needed to do a physical on Nate. As the exam started very routinely, all seems to be fine with Nate. When it comes time for the temperature check, the doctor has to do it rectally and have this hot boy on the exam table and do the hernia check, the flirting started and Dr. Ryder couldn’t help but start sucking Nates’ cock. They kiss some more and then the patient turns the tables and starts sucking on the doctor. Nate gives the doctor a good edge job, making his dick super hard and then inserts his dick into the hole in the documents. Nate pulls away and then Nate puts the doc on the floor as Nate continues pumping into the docs hole and comes inside the docs tight hole as we watch the cum ooze as the doc turns his back and comes.

Date: July 14, 2022
Actors: Dr Ryder / Nate Jones