Corbin Fisher – Noah & Roman – Breakup Sex

If you want to experience “palpable sexual tension”, spend a little time with Roman and Noah.

What you may not know is that these two used to date, and in fact, they both arrived at CF at the same time because they talked about applying together. They broke up at that point, so they never dated while actually appearing on CF, but all the time they’ve been here, things have been piling up for this breakup sex episode.

Remember, it’s not like there’s any anger or hostility between them. They got along well with each other, kept in touch, but never got to Roman fucking Noah’s daylight like they’d clearly desperately wanted since they broke up until this episode here. And it was obvious to everyone who spent time with them in the studio that this episode needed to happen.

I’d say the sizzling action gives us a look at what sex was like between these two when they were together, but that’s not entirely true as the sex here ramps up a bit from then on because of the post-breakup dynamic and all the sexual tension that built up over months and months of them being around each other and being in scenes with other guys in front of each other all this time.

Date: July 16, 2022