Corbin Fisher – Rocky & Adriano Bi Fuck

Adriano made a good impression after first arriving at CF, hitting 2 charges on Roman and following that up with a charge on Dylan soon after. Those first two episodes of him made it clear that Adriano could get his payback, but we all also wanted to find out if this young Italian stud could handle it – and Rocky wanted to find that out too!

We’ve seen Rocky in bi episodes like this one before – having to spend the first few minutes of the action sitting around and watching while another guy takes the girl all to himself works wonders for Rocky. It turns him on so much that by the time he can get involved in the action and is no longer forced to just jerk off and watch, he’s a man possessed! Once he can get involved in the action, someone will fuck off!

While Rocky fucks the two who were teasing him at the beginning of this episode, Adriano is the one who ends up getting fucked! With his legs spread as only a dancer can spread them, Adriano is treated to the sensation of inch after inch of Rocky’s hard, uncut cock sliding into him.

Adriano can’t seem to handle how new and amazing this all feels, and he’s completely overwhelmed processing all these new sensations (in a good way!). The sensations are so overwhelming, in fact, that Adriano is the first to come – firing a load as Rocky pumps his hole, followed immediately by discovering what it’s like to be drenched in one of Rocky’s trademark cum floods.

Date: July 15, 2022