Edward James – EJ – Black Mamba and Blaine Porter

Black Mamba knows what’s going on. He and Edward James are in the office suite waiting for Blaine to arrive. Blaine is interested in becoming a model and has already signed all the paperwork for today’s session. He didn’t read it too carefully or he’d realize that this is no ordinary entertainment company and no ordinary photo shoot. Mamba is the bait and Blaine is about to learn!

Mamba shows Blaine a little to make him comfortable with his surroundings. Edward James starts taking pictures and giving directions. First fully dressed, then shirts. More crackling, then pants. Tasteful underwear photos as far as Blaine is concerned. Then, the moment of truth, “take off your panties”. Blaine is surprised; this is more than he expected. Black Mamba puts him at ease and reminds him that Blaine has already signed on to full nudity and sex. Not that Blaine fought much!

Mamba takes Blaine’s cock in her hand and then in her mouth. This BBC is not playing! Mamba rocks up and down on him, taking him deep into her happy, happy throat. Blaine is loving it too; it may not be what he expected, but he’s not complaining! Mamba switches places with him and Blaine starts eating Mamba’s mamba! Stuff his mouth and, more importantly, thrussy! Mamba has a deep itch and Blaine’s hard cock is itching!

Mamba takes a ride in Blaine’s hot hole for a hot minute, then lines up his big cock and dives deep into Blaine’s cave of ready-made wonders! Blaine gasps loudly and the gasps turn to groans as Mamba hits that horny hole repeatedly. Blaine can’t get enough!

When both are ready to explode, Mamba pulls them out and the two push each other. Two creamy, creamy loads, arriving.

Date: July 17, 2022