EdwardJames – Dani Fantom & Romance

It’s just a photo shoot, no big deal, right? But when Fantom is nearly an hour late for the shoot, Romance decides he’s going to take more than shirtless pictures of this tall, blond, black man with short curls.

After some initial shots, Romance says he’s taking his shorts off and Fantom should do the same. Not only that, Romance demands that Fantom start sucking his huge cock! Fantom shows a bit of hesitation, but once he sees the hot BBC Romance, he drops his clothes and gets to work!

Romance’s penis is long and curvy; perfect for a throat like Dani Fantom’s. He wraps his lips around the huge shaft and shakes his head up and down. Romance wants to fuck and what Romance’s BBC wants, his BBC gets. Fantom’ opens its throat and Romance pumps long and deep. So hot, so primitive, so sexy!

Fantom really wants that dick in his ass, not just in one position! With Romance’s long dong tickling inside, Fantom molds into perfect positions until Romance hits point P with every push. Fantom moans loudly; the sensations rippling through his fucking ass body and his own caresses are bringing him close to the edge.

Date: July 5, 2022
Actors: Dani Fantom