HotBoys – Quem desdenha quer sentar – Davi Lobo, William Carioca, Raposo

Davi Lobo is a well resolved man, hot and very naughty, after a walk on the beach with his friend Raposo, Davi goes to his friend’s house for lunch. However, Raposo’s inconvenient cousin is staying at the place, the teasing but hot-tempered and hot-tempered William Carioca. Arriving at the place, William started with his boring straight jokes, as Davi is already trained with this kind of joke, he decided to hurt William’s fragile ego by provoking him with a small dick… everything to prove that he has a delicious dick and Davi fell for the delicious rolls, after all, who disdains wants to sit down!

So come enjoy this shower of provocations disguised as horny and discover the pleasure of messing with the ego of a delicious pirocudo, who to prove that he is gifted will fill you with dick in the ass.

Date: July 15, 2022