KinkMen – A Deal’s a Deal: Ricky Decker and Vin Roxxx

Sweaty and breathless from running, Vin Roxxx is late again to meet his personal trainer, Ricky Decker. The two of them had made a deal that if Vin was late one more time, this time Vin’s ass would belong to him, and he’d do whatever he wanted as he saw fit. Ricky strips Vin naked and puts a gag inside his mouth. He ties Vin’s wrists above his head to the frame of an exercise machine and secures his legs with a rope. Ricky hits his body hard with a leather whip and a whip, until his skin changes from pale to pink. Next, Ricky brings Vin to his knees with his wrists attached to a bench press. He blindfolds him and makes him suck his cock. In the next scene, Vin is tied on a rope to a small pillow, on his knees with his butt up. Ricky slaps his ass and slides his big fat cock inside Vin’s tight hole and fucks him hard until he explodes his load.

Date: July 14, 2022