Kristen Bjorn – Snapshot – Augusto Arias & Bastian Karim

We all need those perfect photos for our various apps, Augusto Arias and Bastian Karim teamed up to go out and photograph each other just for that perfect photo that will catch your full attention when you are passing through your favorite app. With their muscular torsos gleaming in the beautiful sunlight, the guys find they’ve turned on and quickly turn around for some exclusive photos. When they arrive at Augusto’s apartment, a quick review of the photos makes the shorts fall off and the already hard cocks jump, demanding attention. Bastian can’t resist wrapping his lips around the incredible granite column that rises before him.

Bastian has a hot and extraordinarily talented tongue that runs up and down the solid cock of the cock, flicking and teasing the exposed head of Augusto’s cock, then down to the base and furry ball bag, awaiting its share of attention as well. . While Bastian is consumed with Augusto’s amazing cock, it’s Bastian’s ass that Augusto is trying to get to. Bastian sits on Augusto’s lap as Augusto begins to explore and probe that magnificent ass that is getting all of his attention. Bastian repositions himself and lowers his creamy ass to Augusto’s deep, rich brown cock, which slides right inside and starts disappearing into that delicious ass. As he quickly picks up the pace of their fuck, Bastian is riding Augusto’s cock for all he can get out of it. The guys switch positions and Bastian is bent over his chair while Augusto comes from behind with his throbbing cock coming in hard and fast.

Another twist and this time Bastian finds himself on his back and Augusto comes with everything he can. The pace of their fuck hasn’t slowed down and, if anything, has gotten to the point where both men’s balls have tightened up and are ready for a big release. Augustus’ fuck pleasured and massaged Bastian perfectly as he released his creamy load of cum all over his smooth abdomen. Augusto continues to fuck Bastian’s cum until he is no longer able to sustain the rhythm he has set and shoots his thick load of cum all over Bastian’s balls, then catches the cum with the head of his dick and shoves it deep inside the glow Bastian’s ass. Good thing we have it all in the movie, these guys forgot to take all those hot shots.

Date: July 16, 2022