LucasEntertainment – Breeding And Deceiving – Kosta Viking, Manuel Skye

Kosta Viking tries to be decent in his relationships with other men. But the guy’s hot as fuck, he’s got tons of incredibly handsome men throwing themselves his way, and let’s face it – he’s got a wandering look. Also, Kosta Viking has some issues with his daddy that he likes to solve through sex. Enter Manuel Skye, who doesn’t care if he’s seducing Kosta Viking into an adulterous situation – he wants to see the beautiful hunk naked, and that’s exactly what he gets. Manuel Skye has a rock hard cock in his pants, and when he’s hard it’s intimidating to look at his dick, let’s take him up the ass. So when Kosta Viking needs a break from being fucked, he turns around and starts fucking Manuel Skye.

Date: July 16, 2022