MenAtPlay – The Hustler 2 – Axel Brown & D.Dan

We know that being fit completely changes the way people look at you. What if you’re a young drug dealer and in the entertainment business?

Dan is all set for a night of sexual companionship. He takes a wad of cash and places it next to a suit spread out on the couch. So he calls Axel Brown, a submissive escort eager to play with his new master.

The young escort appears socially fit, attractive, and presentable enough. But, Dan is paying, and he’s not about to waste his money letting his submissive new boytoy take charge of the situation. This is Dan’s arrangement.

He first asks Axel to undress, which Dan likes to watch without getting off the couch and rubbing his hand on his pants. He doesn’t want to get excited too soon; not until Axel wears the perfectly fitting suit. Dan likes obedient stallions and a young suit, and Axel will do anything to please his new client.

Date: July 16, 2022
Actors: Axel Brown / D Dan