NextDoorStudios – Porch Party – Trystan Bull & Ben Rose

Trystan Bull and Ben Rose are excited and excited about this party they plan to attend later tonight. However, when Trystan calls his friends to make some final arrangements, it turns out the plans have been cancelled, and Trystan and Ben must now figure out something else to do with their night. Ben looks a little upset, but Trystan takes it seriously and suggests that he and Ben have their own private party. Ben thinks about it for a second, then looks at Trystan’s cock, deciding it might be better than the original plans anyway. Then he takes Trystan’s cock and starts sucking it while Trystan undresses.

Taking Ben’s pants off, Trystan cups his buttocks and gets aroused at the thought of potentially fucking Ben. Potential turns to fulfillment a few moments later when a rock-hard Trystan enters Ben from behind and grabs his shoulders, slamming Ben back against his cock as Trystan pumps him away.

Ben is fucked in this position for a while, then turns Trystan onto his back and mounts him while stroking himself while Trystan fills him with hard flesh. Ben comes on himself as Trystan continues to pump, and the location of Ben’s explosion puts Trystan on edge as he pulls and also comes all over Ben. As they lie covered and exhausted, it occurs to them how lucky they were to have their plans canceled.

Date: July 9, 2022