PeterFever – You Missed A Hole – Jon Darra, Jeremy Vuitton

After Jon Darra’s beef with Hans Raw in the yard, Asian buyer Jeremy Vuitton wants the same deal to close the deal on the house. “Okay, we can make it happen,” the excited realtor answers boldly. When Hans excuses himself to check the master bedroom, Jeremy climbs onto Jon’s lap and cringes. He rips off Jon’s jeans and goes to work sucking his hard cock. Riding her thighs, Jeremy spreads her cheeks by Jon’s errant hands. In a few deft moves, Jon’s big cock is unsaddled plowing into Jeremy’s tight little hole.

Grabbing Jeremy’s ass by both cheeks, Jon drills deep. He pins Jeremy’s ankles back and drives his raw cock into the hairy root as Jeremy lets out a fierce groan. Jeremy leans back in the upholstered chair and takes the knocks like a man. “Awww fuck I’m going to come baby!” Jon announces as he douses Jeremy’s quivering hole with a thick splash. Jeremy glazes his fist slamming with a thick squirt of his own.

Date: July 16, 2022