Raw Fuck Club – Best Workout Ever – SFBayStudMonkey, Tony Genius

BEST. TRAINING. EVER! The sexiest @TonyGenius69 and his amazing ass helped me relax after a workout. New video out now! Yesterday we teased this video, and now here’s the full version. The handsome Tony took care of the house and the dog and was very eager to please daddy whenever I came home. He knows exactly how to turn me on. Your glorious body and ass in that fishnet jumpsuit sent me to the moon! After sucking my cock, he shoved it into his tight hole sitting me on the couch and climbing on top and riding for a while. So I picked him up and laid him on his back and fucked him with my legs in the air. Eventually we moved out onto the porch, where I flooded her beautiful hole with a rich, thick, creamy, huge load. He pushed back on my tongue for me to enjoy, and kissed me to seal the moment forever on our lips, never to be forgotten.

Date: July 16, 2022