RawAlphaMales – Apolo Adrii Dominates And Pounds Paco Rabo

When you look at Paco Rabo, you see a handsome, masculine guy. He has a strong, virile face covered in a neatly trimmed beard and a muscular body that proves he takes his physical fitness seriously. It’s true that Paco is a street guy, but in the sheets he turns into a total beta bitch who wants his ass beaten and raised like a pussy. Apolo Adrii, like Paco, is equally handsome. But while Paco Rabo has dark hair and eyes, Apolo is blond. But Apollo wants nothing to do with having his ass poked and penetrated. He’s all man in bed and loves to turn strong guys into his submissive little bitches. He does just that with Paco, who invites Apolo to make a baby in his ass.

Date: May 29, 2022