ScottXXX – Changing Room Diaries Part 2 – Deacon Hunter, Tyler Jenkins

We’re back for Part 2 of the Locker Room Diaries! The ripe smell of the locker room is turning the guys on so much, Deacon pulls Tyler’s shorts to one side and sticks his hungry tongue right up the guys’ assholes, swallowing the tight hole of shaped pussy. Not satisfied with that, Deacon forces his cock into the boy’s mouth, fucking his face insatiably making him gasp and swallow everything. It’s intense, and fucking HOT! Sweaty, muddy and his balls full of guts, Deacon jumps on the fit football player’s RAW dick and rides him like a true pro. Spitting, sweaty, smelly feet are everywhere as Tyler BAREBACK fucks sassy Deacon. Wait until you see the Ejaculations.

Date: July 17, 2022