SeeHIMFuck – See The Professional Debut Of Jaxson Briggs – Jaxson Briggs & Sweet Sophia

See HiM Fuck is pleased to bring you the professional debut of Jaxson Briggs ?? and match HIM with the adorable Sweet Sophia ❤️ and her talented tongue? for this week’s update. After our tireless director Johnny ?? Robins helps us get to know a little bit about HIM ????‍♀️ Jaxson gets up and undresses with the help of Sophia, who just had to prove to the BBC once she was free of those See HIM boxers? Does Sophia get the lube? and make it all smooth? & rigid ? before ? smell and lick? your hairy armpits?? & sucking her nipple. She then allows him to sit down so she can sniff and lick his bare, sock-clad feet ?????? Next up is Round 1 ?️ of the ass eater ?? as Sophia rhymes HIM while Jaxson is spread eagle? through the rusty trombone ?? and with HIM in a reverse piledriver ???‍♂️ The 2 then exchange oral treats, when first Jaxson falls on top of her ??‍♂️ followed by Sophia sucking and drooling on his hard cock ?? Round 2 ?️ of the ass eater ?? there’s HIM doing a quick squat on Sophia’s face, and then we’re fucked! Sophia takes all of IT through the cowgirl? front and rear pile drivers ??‍♂️?‍♀️ doggystyle ? missionary? & folded like a pretzel? until Jaxson pulls up and makes a map of Hawaii on his belly ✊????️ Follow the two stars in the shower afterwards?? for some post-sex comments… and sex lol. Until next week and the next H?️M!

Date: July 14, 2022